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Back Flow Testing Services in Fayetteville NC

Why backflow testing?

Municipal and State plumbing codes typically require the installation of backflow prevention devices in most commercial buildings and some residential buildings whenever there is a chance that a “back flow” of water could be sucked into the clean water system.  The size and complexity of the installed backflow preventor will coincide with the specific back-flow risks that each situation presents.  Bottom line, backflow preventors are the key to protecting the clean water supply, most need to be tested annually.


Backflow Testing Experience at its best

The team at Flow-rite Plumbing and Drain services are some of the most experienced backflow testers in the Fayetteville areas.  We are trained and licensed to install, test, repair and provide documented backflow certification of all types of back-flow prevention devices.

We will manage all aspects of the testing for you:

  • Your technician will complete the inspection paperwork and submit it directly to your appropriate water authority.
  •  In the event your unit fails the testing, your technician will outline your options to repair or replace the unit so that it complies with the local requirements.
NOTE: Before you hire a company to test your back-flow devices, be sure they are trained to test AND REPAIR the backflow units.  Not all companies are trained to test & repair backflow devices!!

Backflow Testing

Most backflow systems must be inspected annually to verify their proper operation, back-flow testing is normally considered mandatory with nasty enforcement actions possible against owners who do not complete the system testing promptly.  We will take care of your backflow testing so you don’t have to worry about it simply

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