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When You Need Help in Your Bathroom & Kitchen

Don't Avoid The Repairs!

Flow rite is more than just your average bathroom plumber! We are experienced in all kinds of work for bathroom and kitchen plumbing. Our kitchen and bathroom experts will fix leaky shower faucet to kitchen sink repair along with replacing a toilet with our toilet installation team of plumbers in Fayetteville NC.

Getting to minor problem later can often lead to high costs when you need them fixed. Flow Rite Plumbing are your bathroom repairers that help you resolve your kitchen and bathroom issues. Like if your kitchen sink leaks, you need a plumber before the water leaks become much bigger. All of our Fayetteville plumbers have the professional experience necessary to provide trusted repairs to your kitchen and bathroom in the Anderson Creek, Linden Oaks, Hope Mills, Raeford, and even if you are looking for plumbers in Sanford, Flow rite will be there!
Bathroom remodels

Local Plumbers for Bathroom Repairs, Kitchen Remodel, and emergency plumbing services

  • Unclog Shower Drain
  • Bathtub repair
  • Toilet Installation
  • Sink Faucet Repair
  • Water Service Line Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposals
    Bathroom and Kitchen sinks often leak, clog, or need repair over time. Internal parts can wear out over time and causing faucet leaks. That water will lead to costly repairs to fix water damage all due to improper installation.  A lot inexperienced plumbers or do-it-yourself handymen may also lead to several problems that could be costly to repair. If you are in need of sink repairs or faucet replacements, call on Flow Rite Plumbing and finally get it done right!


    Toilets are a simple device that we can't live without. That is what makes it so frustrating when they stop working, you have a toilet leak, or they become clogged. Leaking toilet repair and unclogging is our expertise, so whether you want to fix leaky toilet or you are replacing toilet, Flow Rite are the Fayetteville NC plumbers to call.

    Clogged Drain

    Hair in a sink often leads to a clogged drain pipe. Chemical drain cleaners are an easy drain resolution, but they are only effective for occasional use and can cause long-term damage to your pipes. If you need drain services for when you need to unclog shower drain, Flow Rite plumbers in Fayetteville will quickly solve the problem.

    Garbage Disposals....the bain of homeowners existence

    Garbage Disposal clogged? Or is your garbage disposal leaking?Or did your garbage disposal just stops working?  Full of kitchen scraps and awful smells!  If you are a homeowner, this has happened to you once or twice. Don't get frustrated, Call our plumbing contractor garbage disposal team will get you repaired in no time!

    Garbage disposals can be such a wonderful appliance, until there is a problem. Our expert team at Flow Rite Plumbing will resolve your broken garbage disposal issues, and save you time and money.

    Take proper care when using garbage disposals to help prevent clogging by flushing it with at least 2 gallons of water per minute. If something has been put in your disposal that shouldn’t have been such as rubber, metal, glass, potato peels, fibrous foods (artichokes, corn husks), bones, or shells use pliers or tongs to retrieve the object; never use your hand as you could easily come back with out one.

    Our Garbage Disposal Services Include:

    • Sink Garbage Disposals
    • Sink Disposals
    • Disposals Installation
    • Garbage Disposal Repairs
    • In-Sink Disposal
    • Sink Disposal Replacement
    • Disposal Repair
    • Kitchen Sink Disposal Maintenance
    • In Sink Garbage Disposal

    Why You Should Hire Us For Garbage Disposal Services?

    As an expert on Garbage Disposals in Fayetteville NC, we can service all your disposal needs from commercial to residential and more. Flow Rite Plumbing & Drain is a trusted and reliable company that you can be sure all your possessions are protected and your family is safe as we take on your Garbage Disposal project.

    Our Fayetteville plumbing contractor garbage disposal team at Flow Rite Plumbing & Drain are experienced professionals with years of expertise in the plumbing field.  
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