Getting a Checkup on Your Pipes Can Prevent Possible Disaster

Clogged drain pipe
Clogged Drain Pipe Repair in Fayetteville NC
October 8, 2019

But how do you conduct routine maintenance without calling plumbers in Fayetteville?

Visual checks

Take a look around your water heater and look for signs of damage like water stains, rust, connector leaks. If you run into the water heater leaking it may be time for a water heater repair. Also, take a look under sinks and around tubs, looking for stains or blistered plaster.

Flow-rite Plumbing and Drain Services will be happy to come out and check the pipes and water heater for any corrosion in piping, we will test your water pressure, search for signs of leaks, check for a clogged drain pipe.

Treat your drains with care

There may be a chance you could use a good drain cleaning. To prevent a clogged drain, after use try to run hot water through the sink to flush out any possible build up from oils present in food products. Every few months you should also pour white vinegar down the drain, let it sit for about ten minutes, then rinse it with hot water.

To get rid of the vinegar smell, you can even squeeze a lemon or other citrus fruit slice, letting the liquid flow down the drain (rather than throwing hard rind) to eliminate the strong vinegar smell.

Reach For Help

If you need a drain cleaning plumber or need routine maintenance on your pipes, then call the Fayetteville plumbers at Flowrite Plumbing and Drain Service to come perform a routine checkup to prevent possible plumbing disasters.  We have a plumbing pipe camera to see how the pipes are currently looking.  Flowrite Plumbing and Drain service services the Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Raeford, Spring Lake, Anderson Creek, Spring Lake, Sanford, and all of Fort Bragg NC.
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